SPZC-001, SPZC-003, SPZC-005, SPZC-007
    Co-founder of Spazatron Conniption. His music makes you leave the atmosphere into the outer space of your dreams.

  • Zovi
    SPZC-001, SPZC-002, SPZC-003, SPZC-005, SPZC-007
    Co-founder of Spazatron Conniption. Her music pushes the limits of the genres of hardcore, speedcore, and anything in between.

Contributing Artists:
  • Agargara
    An artist of many talents, Agargara provided the wonderful remix of Suzuran for SPZC-001. He has also contributed to various VIP-related projects.

  • AsphyxZero
    SPZC-003, SPZC-005
    A speedcore producer with a taste for terror. His tracks are guaranteed to take your eardrums and pulverize them until there's nothing left.

  • CBR
    SPZC-004, SPZC-005, SPZC-007 (as ViolentROYALTY)
    A new IDM/breakcore producer who loves to blend the cultural taste of Eastern sounds with familiar breaks from the West.

  • Clonepa
    SPZC-001, SPZC-003, SPZC-005, SPZC-007
    Ever-increasingly prolific, the venerable and cat-loving Clonepa brings his own unique brand of breakcore mixed with traditional instruments and beautiful scores to SPZC releases.

  • DJ Miyuki-chan
    SPZC-001, SPZC-003, SPZC-005, SPZC-007?
    Zovi's female alter ego has a much bouncier side, making happy hardcore and makina with a feeling of flying among rainbows.

  • dJ~noeko
    SPZC-005, SPZC-007 (as Y&ERE)
    A girl with an ear for gabber, dJ~noeko brings her own take on hardcore to SPZC-005.

  • Errordog
    A linguist with an ear for sweet 80s sounds, Errordog brings us to a far-off land and acts as our capable guide.

  • Fedorah
    A quite classy electro artist, Fedorah's crisp sounds are both powerful and chill, making his music especially good for listening to while walking down the street with a slight grin of satisfaction on your face.

  • Feels
    Fresh from Detroit, Feels brings the noise in incredibly rich and harsh tones, and it's all part of the Feels you'll feel as you listen.

  • General Mumble
    A man of many styles, General Mumble's music will keep you at the edge of your seat.

    SPZC-001, SPZC-003
    A contributor to "Title: The Really Long Song" and the VIPtronic project, GBB brings his unique melodies to SPZC.

  • GHDA
    SPZC-005, SPZC-007
    GHDA calls himself the Gabba Lion, and for good reason. His music roars to life with kicks you can sink your teeth into and raw energy that only a lion can boast. >:3

  • goreshit
    A man who needs no introduction, goreshit provided a wonderfully harsh horror-themed track for SPZC-001.

  • I want them alive!
    I want them alive! wants them alive! Seriously, he does! He even named his debut song the same thing so that he could get his point across! Get it together, damn it!

    The name says it all. ITALIAN VIPPER brings his own VIP QUALITY to SPZC with his own brand of 16-bit goodness.

  • Kommisar
    SPZC-001, SPZC-003, SPZC-005, SPZC-007? (vocal credit?)
    Kommisar's chiptunes transport your mind to the world of 8-bit excitement and fantasies.

    A speedcore artist known for his amusingly-abrasive and anime-inspired music, LASER IMOUTO joins SPZC to bring his loud beats and screaming anime girls to assault our ears.

  • Lexx Vector
    A new project from the mind of composer N.F. Chase, Lexx Vector explores complex polyrhythms in a lo-fi electronic quasi-dance environment.

  • MC G4nd41ph
    SPZC-003 (vocal credit)
    He has delusions that it's still 1995 and that cheesy MCing is still in. Honestly, he could do worse.

  • Nate Caswell
    A killer new house producer, his track "The Neely" on SPZC-003 is made to please.

  • noodle976
    SPZC-003, SZPC-005
    Noodle976's simple yet beautiful melodies will be stuck in your head all day. His minimal style proves that sometimes simplicity is perfection.

  • not half
    An incredible experimental electronic musician from Winnipeg, not half has been at it since 1984 making incredible works of audio art.

  • SPZC-005
    Darkly ambient and ambiently dark, the mysterious Rø brings some ambient to set a tense mood to SPZC-005.

  • Replacer
    Prepare for the unexpected, because Replacer is going to bring it. His experimental styles and playful attitude blasted their way onto SPZC-005 for everyone to enjoy.

  • Retribution Body
    Retribution Body loves to shake his venues at live gigs, and when listening to his music, you can quickly see how he does it. A master of the low frequencies, Retribution Body creates incredible bass-laden atmospheres that will shake your very being.

  • sci
    A producer who specializes in making sure you never know what to expect, sci brings genre-bending to a whole new level.

  • SilverDevil000
    SPZC-007 (guitar credit)
    After running into this incredible doom metal guitarist on Omegle (a truly random encounter!), Zovi and SilverDevil000 collaborated on "Mind of the Abyss," and may do more in the future.

  • Spazameow Catniption
    Not much is known about this artist, other than that he/she/it probably only has a cassette tape deck and a Meowsic keyboard at his/her/its disposal. He/she/it might also be a cat.

  • Unsterblich
    With a name that means "Immortal", you can expect some powerful sounds. With breaks thicker than a molasses spill and tempos that may break your neck, Unsterblich defends his immortality as a force to be reckoned with.

  • ViolentROYALTY
    CBR breaks out of his comfort zone and causes some serious destruction with his new alias ViolentROYALTY.

  • Y&ERE
    Y&ERE is dJ~noeko's yandere side unleashed! Nobody knows what will happen next with her around!

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